Headline Leisure Management provides exceptional training to the hospitality sector thus enhancing the knowledge and skills of South Africans. We impart new skills to improve the lives of the everyday South Africa that attends Headline Leisure College. The courses available through this great initiative are wide ranging from basic service skills to supervisory development programmes. To offer enthusiastic young people from all cultures and backgrounds the opportunity to enter the world of hospitality by presenting CATHSSETA aligned programmes that are constantly updated and relevant to the changing environment of the hospitality industry.

The theory that is being presented in the classroom is being linked to the practical experience and therefore solidifying the new skills and knowledge gained by the learner.

Headline Leisure College will also boast the continuous development to it’s internal customers and ensuring that life long learning is achieved through the company of Headline Leisure Management.
All the training programmes are available to all the staff based on their job levels and titles. These are linked up to the development passports which have been allocated to the staff. This gives them a clear outline of where they are going with what course they need to complete.

The training programmes are presented by qualified accredited trainers that have all been through the Train the Trainer process. To ensure the standards that are being trained is successfully transferred to the learners

All programmes are outcomes based as they will attain a skill on completion of the course. Assessments are put in place to ensure there is continuous improvement with behaviour back in the workplace.

Training programmes are in provisional accreditation phase B with CATHSSETA. As a Headline client, you will benefit from the Headline College. All staff will be recruited into the Headline Family through an informative induction program, followed by a rigorous training schedule ensuring that by the time our associates interact with the guests they are confident and passionate about their roles in the organisation.

We recruit and develop people who take pride in delivering excellent service and show motivation and passion to work for Headline Leisure Management. Through motivating the individual within the teams, we exceed the expectations of our guests, becoming the employer of choice.

Headline recognises that as an active member in the local communities in which we operate, we have a duty to uplift and educate the local people; it is with this in mind that we are committed to facilitating life skills training and the importance of the well being of every Headline employee. All training is in line with the needs of the operation and how it can close the performance gaps identified within the organisation this is linked to the National Skills Development Strategy.

With the implementation of the Development Passport system into Headline Leisure Management, awareness has been made with the associates as to where their career paths lie and how they can better their lives with the assistance of Headline Leisure Management.